The Master Key Method

The main purpose for property investment is to achieve financial freedom, a condition where your passive income (from rental) is more than your living expenses. A specific financial freedom formula is also given in the book to guide the reader to know his unique number. There is also a simple 3 steps to identify and find.


Strategies for leveraging on others money, time and experience in your journey as a smart investor.

The Master Key Method to Unlock The Secret of Property Investment is a detailed guide to becoming a successful real estate investor. Drawing on more than 10 years of experience in the field, Kaygarn Tan offers advice on coming out tops in the property game. Learn how to leverage on the expertise and assets of others; form a winning, mutually beneficial team; achieve your goals, and much more! If you’ve ever dreamt of achieving financial freedom so you can pursue your dreams, this is the book for you! Read it to unlock the secrets to success, wealth and a fulfilling life!


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